So I told yall making your apartment complete and beautiful would take some time. Well, in a stroke of boredum and genius, I decided to make the curtains which I've been meaning to make and put up since day one. I had all the hooks, pipes and materials that I would need, so I figured why not? I mean the table cloth was $17 which on my broke salary, is more than I'm willing to spend. All in all, the curtains cost me about a total of $25, including the hooks and pipe from homedepot.

Heres what I used.
1 inch long grey pipe, 5 feet long.
1 oblong table cloth of your choice. 60"x84"
2 pretty hooks
This is the before picture of my little kitchen table window.

Let the project begin!!!

Ok so I started out by painting the hooks, that way they could dry while I was working on the curtains. I used primer first (which I ended up painting the balls too after the picture was taken), then I used a sample color gem turquoise from behr. You could use acrylics but this was the only paint other than gray that I have in my house, but I liked this color so I am happy with it. The hooks were from hobby lobby at $4.99 a piece. Go on a sale day and they will be like half off which is when I got mine, and I'm always looking for a bargin/deal.
Yep a tablecloth. No person can call themselves crafty until they've turned a tablecloth into a set of curtains. BOOYAH!
Anyways so I layed out the curtains and because of the creases, I went ahead and followed the center crease to cut the table cloth right down the middle to make two halves.
Now. After I cut the tablecloth in half, I went ahead and ironed them. Then flipping the halves over, I hot glued a little fold of it back to finish off the edges. And since I dont have
a sewing machine here, hot glue has become my best friend. Then out of luck and a stroke of genius, I remembered that I had an old set of tabbled curtains from walmart, and decided to cut off those tabs and use them on my new curtains. GENIUS! But if you dont have tabs like I did, then using a nice ribbon and tieing them, or hotglueing them would work perfectly fine.
Then Thow it all together and BOOM! You're done! So easy right?!? So heres the finished product. I have to say, it makes my apartment more cozy and I love them!
Well I think they turned out good. Now all I need to do is find 2 more of these damn tablecloths, which of course are discontinued from target and only sold in stores, which are all sold out. I'm not exactly a happy camper about this but I will find a way to finish curtaining my livingroom one day.
Now I'm gonna go shoot my pledge partying neighbors from making my apartment vibrate from there fuckin music. The joys of living next to frat boys.
Yall have a majestical, nonannoying, acne-free week!

Broke College Student
I'm not going to lie, I am not one of those girls who girls will be all like, "oh shes so graceful".
I took dance for 15 years, and my lovely dance teacher Ms. Shannon, would call me a range of things, honestly I was the wild one of the group who was most likely getting into the most trouble (and shaking my butt for fun), but the last thing she would ever call me would be graceful.
While on the phone with my overly-honest mother the other day, she sarcastically called me graceful as I stepped off the side walk wrong and had a truck full of guys POINTING and laughing at me. POINTING! are your fucking serious. Yall get your ass over here and what me kick all of your asses. 
Me tripping and falling is an hourly/everyday occurance......
If you know me, and most of my friends know me a little too well, and would call me a clutz. If I spelt that wrong then get over it.
I'm damn good at wearing 6 inch heels and dresses, its when it comes to flats and tennis shoes that my bodily functions get all out of whack. I can't help it.
I am constantly falling/stepping the wrong way off of the sidewalks on campus and tripping. Or while walking on the I always seem to manage to find that one hidden hole in the grass and fall. Usually when I'm surrounded by a bunch of hot guys or hot guys are driving by me and they all bust out laughing.....RUDE!
Or while I'm at work, I will find that one slippery spot and down I go! with the entire restaurant laughing at me and staring at me for the rest of my shift to see if I fall again.  And I'm always so good at finding the few poles at work that are just dieing to have me run into them, like really!?
And while we're on the subject of me falling, tripping, running into poles and slipping, I will also point out another one of my quirky qualities. I have no flaws, I'm quirky. I tend to get a little toungue tied, or I will zone out of a conversation when I'm in the middle of one. Yeah it sucks, but I talk to fast, talk before I think, and I'm very ADD. Ooh look a marathon of Gossip Girl is on! YAY! Wow I really need to make my toes nails into disco balls again. Did I have homework? oh well due tomorrow, do tomorrow. fuckkkkkkkkk. Wheres my Iphone?
See its a problem, the crazy berry/gray family gene that comes along with having the berry bubble butt. Hopefully my flat assed sister will not have to suffer as the rest of the women in my family do. Its a fate I cant change. Until I get a rich husband who can provide me lots of doctors.
But the main reason why I'm writing this is just to get off my busty chest the fact that I'm clumsy. When I see people fall, i run over to help them up, then I laugh with them and that my lovelies is how you will make new friends, who have the clutziness in common with you. Unless it was like a really slow-motion fall, those are so fuckin entertaining.
So now that you've read this hopefully be nice enough to not laugh at strangers who fall, or get tongue tied. Cause I can bet my sweet ass that your shit stinks, like everyone elses, and that you dont like being laughed at either.

So thats all I have to say on that subject for the moment. It just supports the many reasons as to why I hate everyone.

Shit happens. BOOM. You can get out of therapy now. Pay me instead.

Broke College Student

So today I am going to to talk to yall about buying college textbooks...aka spending your life savings on books you will probably never open.
Ok you may open them probably like twice throughout the semester for midterms and finals. So saying never may be a little extreme...

When getting ready for college the last thing on your mind is what the costs of texts books are going to be, and when I was a freshman, I about had a little heart attack when i got the total for my first semesters books...and I continue to this day to still freak out when it comes to book costs.

Some helpful tips are to:
1. Buy used books
2. Rent your books
3. Get a big ass scholarship that pays for books
4. Find out if the book is absolutely required! if it says yourself the time and money
5. If you have time, buy them online!!! You can always find them cheaper online.

All of these things will help you save possibly hundreds of dollars on text books. Except when it comes to having to buy computer codes, then your just screwed because you can only use it once and can't borrow it from a friend.

So I will use my own experience at the bookstore as an example. The classes im taking are JN 200 (intro into journalism), AY 101 (astronomy), AY 102 (astronomy lab), CS 202 (computer science) and LIT 209 (amer. Lit).

Ok so first off...astronomy lab is gonna kick my ass, plus theres this extremely hot guy sitting next to me in lab and with my ADD, concentration is nearly impossible.

I did not buy my astronomy lecture book, he said it was recommended so I am going to see how good I am doing in the class before i make the leap to buy a $98 book.

So the blue fronted binder is my Astronomy lab notebook, they only cost about $15, and are absolutely required. Not so bad....

The book next to it is for my journalism class, the worst kind of class simply for the fact that she does not believe in slide shows and does not give any information that you could possibly take legible notes on. So being in this pickle, I decided the book was neccesary. (and seeing as I had homework that was in the book due this morning). But this book is used...and it is rented!!!! So instead of paying $66 dollars for this book I paid an easy $36. And it wont junk up my apartment forever.

The little, thin, measley, stupid piece of paper over there is the dreaded computer code that you have to buy. Its either take 2 computer classes or a foreign language class, fuck that, I'm in 'merica! I speak english. Country and sarcasm are the languages I speak. But this stupid little piece of paper has a code that is required for this computer class and happens to be the most expensive thing on that costs $136. Yep...what i make in a shift and a half at work....this shit made me broker than I was before.

And lastly my english books at the top of the picture.  Usually you can get english books used, usually!!!! My bitch professor decided to make the required books be brand spankin new editions of the book. Which means the books came out in the late spring and there is no possible way to buy these books used, but I can sell these back to make a penny or 2.

Also, if the main campus bookstore is out of your book, go to other book stores to find it! I went to 3 different stores to find my damn journalism book...And i actually hugged the man who found it...also because I bugged the hell out of him to find that specific edition...

So I hope this helps you when buying text books! And make sure to return them to the bookstore if you rented them or to sell them back to make some cash!!!

This weeks new addition to my apartment!

The galre was bad on this one, but look at the gorgeous colors!!!
here it is at night so you can actually see the picture better...but bad flash...
Told ya I would keep you updated on the progress of my precious apartment.

My mommys gift to me this week, the beautiful absolute bottle!! Makes sense since thats my fav vodka....peach flavored...21st bday request my loves!

Also I would like to give a special thanks to my mommy today. She is always there for me and supportive of me even when I call her during one of my many anxiety and panic attacks....and when I call her atleast every 30 minutes everyday with my life updates between each and every calls...and thanks to her for bringing me my art, and frosted mini wheats...and chewy bars, and universal remote, and wifi so I dont have to sit in my corner of horror doing these blog posts, and my jar of peanut butter and everything else. And making me feel better about my "road bumps".  Your my favoritest psycobitch ever, and I love you so much!

Broke college student
Ok so today I'm going to talk to you preety ladies about dating in college.
My first piece of advice....DONT!!
This is coming from a place of love...but really...the best thing to do in college is stay single. Of course if you've been reading my blog, you would know that im going to college and if the opportunity to get wifed up presents itself, I'm taking that road. I've been in school long enough to be sick of it, but appartently getting knocked up by a rando rich guy you met at the bar last night doesn't lead to a happy marriage. And it is infact frowned upon by alot of people. Who knew?!?
But the main reason why I'm single and telling all you lovely innocent doe eyed college girls to remain single is for one main fact: GUYS ARE ASSHOLES! Everyone knows that one, no surprise there. And if you didn't know that, well then you can keep living in your happy little niave bubble of stupidity. Congrats from me.
The reason why guys are assholes is for many subreasons. Such as their hormones are still raging like they were in middle school or high school and all they want to do is put their penis in you. Yeah sorry that was worded a little grossly, but its the truth! If you begin talking to a guy you met in class or at a mixer (say talking to him for about 3 weeks to where you actually really like him). Well if you've been talking to him for a while and has said some perverted things (that you just disreagrded), then he just wants in your pants, and once he gets in your pants, he puts his pants back on and walks out the door never to call or talk to you ever again.

And when he doesnt text or call you'll feel like this!------->
and lets face it noone wants to feel like that, you can eat ben and jerrys or yogurt mountain all you want, and in the end all that you accomplished was literally getting screwed over and unable to fit into your jeans cause the guy you thought liked you actually just wanted in your pants.
And once this happens a couple times, you toughen up to where you start screwing over the guys the way they screwed you over.
So to prevent all of this from happening ladies is a simple solution....KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED WHORES!
If guys can get sex so easily, they will go from girl to girl getting it. But once they've gotten to know you and have talked to you for a couple weeks and you haven't fucked him, then he will actually respect you and want to be with you simply because he likes you, not because you put out of the first want guys to like you for you, not for your vag.
And if your texting a guy and hes trying to say pervy things, change the subject! Don't encourage his grossness by going along with it. If he can't handle you saying NO to him, then he isn't worth your time! trust me!!!!! I've been there, honestly, I've done that. I've learnt my lessons and think its time I share my wisedom.
The right guy will pop up when the time is right. Sure you can go on formal nice dinner dates or dates to the movies, thats ok, if he wants to spend money on you he might be a decent guy. But if he never takes you (or offers to take you) on a actual date, and he just invites you over to "hang out", he wants you in his pants. Formal dates are the way to an actual relationship. Going to "hang out" with the guy you like will result in nothing you want to be a part of. So keep your legs closed as long as you can, gain respect from him. It's not cute to have a long list of guys you've slept with, and if you have slept with alot of guys, go get your whorey ass checked for STDs and shit.
Also if you're in your later years of college like I am, it's about time to think about your future. Date guys you would want to end up marrying, don't date guys who arent in college and have no future prospects or goals to achieve, they will go nowhere in life. You want a guy who will be able to support you, not a guy who has a bunch of time for you at the moment and will end up working 3 jobs later on in life 24/7 because he didn't get a good enough education. Education is key for a successful life!
So I think that is all I have to say on the subject of dating in college. Go for good guys, who will treat you right, not for cool guys who think their the shit and are to cool to kiss you infront of their buddies. And date guys who want to have a good future and plan on living in a 5 bedroom home in a gated communtiy. Just an FYI.

Good luck with your dating life!

Broke college student

OK so today I'm going to teach you uneducated college kids how to do laundry. Some people will say "this girl is stupid" or "were not stupid i know how to do the fuckin laundry". Well 1. I dont care and 2. you have fun spending all your money on laundry.
And if all of you say you know how to do laundry, then stop calling me asking me to come do your fuckin laundry. Im a server, not a damn maid. Sorry I'm not sorry.
But the point of this post is for me to teach you how to do laundry the cheap way. And also being in college, most of us dont have washers and dryers, or a fuck ton of quarters to go do laundry.
Like I said, I'm a server, a full time student, and a lazy ass who likes her TV, I don't have time to go to the damn laundro-mat place and sit there for an hour or more to have people staring at my thongs swirling around in the washer all while using quarters that could buy me a mcdonalds kids meal. Thats not cool. So what do we do? Well us college kids will more than likely wait about a month to do laundry. So then your closet and drawers will be completely empty and you will have an ungodly amount of laundry to do.
So I am going to propose 2 solutions, take your laundry home to mommy who will make YOU do the laundry that YOU brought to her in high hopes that she would do it for you. OR you can save yourself the trip to the stinky laundro-mat place or the drive home and just hand wash your clothes. When I was living in my dormroom freshmen year, my roomate did this frequently with her granny panties so its not like this is a rare thing to do.
I don't have a washer or dryer hook up in my little 500sqft apartment and lord knows I am avoiding going to the laudro-mat at all costs. I would rather go to class bare-ass naked than go do my laundry in a public place. So I started to wash my clothes by hand in my sink whenever I have a little load that I had to do. This way, when I want to wear my favorite shirt, it will always be clean and dont have to resort to the shit in the very back bottom of my dresser that I refuse to throw out but know I will never wear. We all have that stuff, lets be honest.
Usually I do my little loads in similar colors but today I didn't really have similar colors and I needed to do some laundry to show you so yeah.
So heres what you do
fill the sink with water, the appropriate amount of laundry detergent and as much water as you can fit in your sink without over flowing it.

The soaking times will vary depending on the size of the load. For a small load like this, I let it soak for 20 minutes. for a medium sized load I do 25-30 minutes and for a larger load I go for 30-35 minutes.

So next after you've let it soak, you "knead" your laundry and scrub it a little with your hands to get any remaining tough stains out.

I personally then take each garment out and sweeze all of the water out and put them to the side while the sink drains.

Once the sink is empty, refil the sink with clean water. Put your clothes back in the sink, then knead the clothes with your hands again. Drain the water.

Hang your clothes out on a clothes line. I was excited when I realized taht there was already a clothes line on my porch. And now that the screen is new, I dont have to fear bugs getting on my clothes while they dry.

Doing your laundry this way will help you save money, water, and energy (not physical energy, I'm talking about alabama power type energy). Also it will save you time from having to go to the laundro-mat. YAY!

NOTE: sometimes the clothes can be a little stiff, what I do is just take the clothing item in my hands and just work with it a little by streching it, folding and twisting it till its softer. I dont really car about strechin big T's since they're already huge on me.


I told you people that decorating your apartment would take some time, didn't I?
Yep I sure did! So this week I recieved my long awaited rug that my mother had been painting for me. Its pretty much the most gorgeous rug ever.
Keep in mind I still have art to add and stuff. But decorating it a little at a time is awesome cause you actually appreciate the new item more!
Oh and on a side note, I put a twin side bed padding on my couch to keep it looking cleaner longer. So yeah, if you questioned that, there you go!

I know this post didnt really contain my smart ass comments or my bitter outlook on the fucked up world, but hey, I have to make some "how to" posts. And also this is a blog about how a broke college student can make it on her own so yeah. there you go!

Broke College Student
Ok so it's the first day of my junior year of college, while I don't consider myself a professional college person, I do in fact consider my self knowledgable in some areas of college. This includes anything from the proper rules of beer pong to filling out applications for my internship hopefully next spring. But while going to my fuckin 8 am class, which I swore I would never partake in an 8 am class ever again, I realized somethings.

For all of you college freshmen who actually read this, there are a few things you need to know, it's kinda late now seeing as today is the first day of school but these things still need to be said to you stupid few.

NOTE* I may be in a bitchy rant mood since I was up at 7:15 this morning which i havent really been up that early since ummmm fricken high school! so excuse my usual bitterness, its valid today.


So lets start off with clothes. Ok I'm only writing to the girls about thsi because guys dont really need to be told how to dress for the first day of school, all they have to do is brush their hair and go. But for freshmen girls its different, you spent so much time preparing your perfect dorm room and made your mom go spend a fortune on tax free weekend, and thats dandy and all, but the reality is, your never going to wear any of that stuff. You will realize within the first week of college that if you wear normal human clothes, you will be stared at. It is an uncommon sight to see people dressed in normal, actually thought out, outfits. So instead of trying to assert your independence and attempts to rise above the stereotypical college outfit that everyone is wearing, YOU WILL END UP WEARING THIS ALMOST EVERY DAY! sorry im not sorry, happy cute clothes bubble is burst. And when you start wearing the college outfit to class, and to the gym, you will start to wear it to dinners, and eventually home, until all your friends and parents see you in is the big tshirts and nike shorts (norts) and tennis shoes. It is then that you realize that you havent gotten dressed in anything from your closet all semester. So you go and put on that cute first day of school outfit that actually shows your figure and come to realize that the freshmen 15-30 has crept up on you and you cant wear half the shit in your closet. So here is expectations and reality of what you will be wearing to class.
And this is pretty much how your dresser drawer will look like by the end of the first semester.
So yes, the reality of it all may come as a shock, but this is pretty much all you will see when walking around the alabama campus. And it will become normal for you. You will not be stared at or judged. But then its a reality shock when you go home for break and wear this outfit out in public and people stare, because its not normal in the real world to dress is workout clothes and over sized tshirts.

So moral of the story here is.

I will stare at you when your hair and makeup are fully done and your wearing a cute outfit to your damn 8am class when the entire rest of campus is still groggy, not awake and wearing big tshirts and nike shorts and tennis shoes. remember to thank mommy and dady for making you look out of place on your first day of school in your exciting new school clothes.


Now lets talk about classes and class times for a quick second. You may think you want an 8 am class. You chose this class time because you "wanted to get it over with and out of the way." HA LIESSS! You're pretty much setting yourself up for failure my dear naive friend. You will begin to think throughout the school year that you made the worst mistake ever, and that 8am is fricken early, and waking up at 12 noon is kinda normal for most people in college. A more acceptable class time is 9:30 (still to early) or 11am (decent time) or my personal favorite the 2:00 pm classes. They're life savers I'll tell you. The only reason why  having the dreaded 8am class is because it was the last one avaliable and you are in desperate need of it to get out of college on time. Which is my particular case right now. I'll probably want to stab myself in the foot by the begining of september.
 And if you're in the greek system and have an 8am on MWF, your fucked. Because all swaps/mixers are on either tuesdays or thursdays, and you will get shmammered (yes I spelt it that way on purpose), and you will be hungover and probably sleep through most of your alarm. If you do wakeup however, I'll recommend lots of water/coffee, toast, and advil. Oh and add sunglasses and a hat into that mix, because you will look like a walking zombie and noone wants to see that. Also atleast remember to brush your teeth the next day is anything at all, your breath smells like booze and vomit.
But of course all these lessons are best learned through experience. So good luck.

COMMON SENSE/rules of the crosswalks


Ok this will be short.
College campuses have lots of pedestrians, and lots of students driving from off campus trying to get to class.
Students walking, they think they're fucking invincible. YOU AREN'T! I will run over your ass if I have a green light and your crosswalk signal is saying don't walk. It really is common sense. Also look both ways before crossing the road...holy shit I learned that when I was a toddler!
But seriously, the kids driving to class are trying to get the same place you are, to fucking class.You should respect them enough to pay attention to the cross walk signals. And if there is no cross walk signal, and a bunch of people have been walking non stop to where a line of cars has been waiting to drive through them, take the curtosy to stop and not cross the street. If you stop, so will other people giving the kids driving a chance to get through yall and make it to class.

So that is all for today. Have a great year yall!!!

Broke college kid

Now lets take a look at this bathroom...grosssssss

But I can't help that. It is not my fault that the landlord hasnt set a foot into this damn apartment in over 3 years. So my lovely apartment that I have now was neglected by a weirdass emo artist girl for about 3 years, you can only imagine how bad the place was when I looked at it in the spring. Well, being the kinda optimistic person that I am, I imagined it pretty and knew I would fix this shit hole up. But theres one problem with that mind set for a broke college! My central life issue as to why I'm bitter most the time and hate humanity.
Or my personality could just suck...but I doubt thats it, I'm fricken perfect.
But really, I'm working with what i got, which is a bad bathroom (and porch), and a loud mouth that loves to complain.

Now look at this porch, its what attracted my to this apartment to begin with. Its hard to find any one bedroom apartment for under $500, let alone find a one bedroom apartment with its own personal porch, so yeah, the porch was a key issue in getting this apartment.
When looking at it in the spring there was a  tree in the fuckin porch, like i shit you not, there was a fricken tree growing into the porch and bugs and leaves where everywhere. So being the go-getter that I am I made a condition when signing the lease, the condition was that the porch better get fixed up, new screen, new paint, no overgrowth, no bugs, all that shit. And almost a month into my lease I finally annoyed the leasing company enough to get this shit done. YAY ME!

now look at this sink, its gross, the faucets arent combines, and its so old it shows water stains from the faucets since the damn faucets have a steady stream of water comeing out of them. gross
Now look at my bathroom! Yes i know I need to paint it and all that jazz but im getting there and I'm to broke. This ladys got rent to pay.

Ok so getting a new sink was a big deal to me, because it wasn't my money that went into it, and it was a lovely surprise because of all the problems in my house, I wasn't really that concerned with my old nastey sink and had accepted the fact that I was probably stuck with it forever.

So heres my secret to getting what you want out of your landlord or leasing company.

I have gone to them almost every week, sometimes twice a week to complain about the problems in my apartment. Like really, you don't see them living in a shit hole like I do, so why do I have to put up with it. I WONT! Like I said, i've got a mouth and I aint afraid to use it. So constantly bugging them will make them send a worker out to your place to get you to shut up, thats when you make homeade lemonade and a cute little snack for the repair guy (its usually the same one) and you point out every single problem with the place, and he will most likely agree with you and write it down. Then he himself will go bug the landlord about what needs to be fixed in your apartment, and with a professional backing you up, the shit gets done.

So when the guy came about fixing my frozen over air conditioner, he also saw how bad the sink was and then went and bought me a new sink, how sweet of him. And while he was putting in the new sink and I was giving him ice cold beverages, I slipped in the fact that they still hadnt come to fix my screen porch.
He looked at it, totally agreed with me cause im the smartest girl ever, and the next day a group of construction workers came in and fixed everything on the screen porch. Including the ceiling of it. fucking awesome. Now I can actually start putting cute chairs and lights and shit out there so I can sit outside at night with out the fear of a wasp attacking me, or a lizard dropping on my shoulder

So heres a list of the steps to getting your shit done, all without making your landlord hate you.
1. Go complain about something that would have to get fixed that day, like your air conditioner is broken on a very hot day, then they will send out a repair guy that afternoon
2. Once the reapir guy is there treat him to a cold drink and maybe food, and point out things that need to be done and make living conditions hard, or mention something that your landlord said he would do but forgot. BE VERY CONVINCING.
3. Have him go to your landlord and tell the landlord what needs to be fixed. Like i said, if a professional is telling him it needs to be fixed, the landlord will most likely let him fix it
4. Have a drink for your professional manipulating skills while sitting on your new screen in proch that your rightfully earned, and then wash your hands in the new sink that your earned by neing nice to the repair man.
I hope these tips and tricks will help you out if you ever need anything done and have a shitty landlord!! GOOD LUCK!

Broke College Student
Small spaces...story of my life right now.

I'm finally moved into my new apartment. Although I wanted to show y'all when it was officially done, I'll remember what I said in my last post, moving takes time and finishing it takes time too. So I would like y'all to see my new apartment!!!! I'm just so excited about it that I couldn't wait until it was finished. Let me repeat that one more time IT'S NOT FINISHED!

The apartment is one bedroom one bath, with a living room and LITTLE kitchen. After all it's only 500 sq feet. Being a broke college student I couldn't afford to live somewhere that is $700 a month not including utilities so this little apartment is right on campus and is $425 including water, gas and garbage. Fuck yeah! And I don't have to deal with bitchy roommates or dish wars or trash wars! Double fuck yeah!

I worked really hard on the furniture with my mom (ok so it was mostly my mom but it was mostly my money so I want half credit). We wanted something light and fresh looking so we went with a gray and white color palette with robbins egg blue and yellow for the accent colors. It's bright and happy looking which is great for someone with anger issues! but really...
So here's the living room! We recovered the couch and painted the kitchen set! Lovely!
Here's the other side! We recovered this occasional chairs and all the tables and arms on the chairs. Also we painted the lamp and the stain glass shade
We recovered an old piece of furniture to be a TV stand, the fabric covering allows it to be used as extra storage which I have none!
Here's the kitchen. ITS NOT DONE!!! I still need to add curtains to cover the cabinets!
Hanging the pans on the walls allows for more storage space and makes kinda cute decorations also while being easy to reach! I am going to put a hanging silverware rack from hobby lobby under them since I don't have drawers.
Here's a close up of the sink and mini stove/oven. The kitchen is very old and 50s looking...VINTAGE LOVE! Having the side drying area on the sink is perfect since I have to hand wash my dishes
The bathroom is so tiny, I have a standup shower which I'm standing in to take this pic. On the side is a rusted wall plant holder that I am using to hold my brushes and hair dryer and straightener. Also the bottom of it is holding some of my necklaces
The bedroom is actually really big! Yay!! I'm having to get lots of over the door hooks to make use of the space for all my shit.
We painted the bed, side table, and dresser gray to go with the rest of the house
The no closet space problem was solved when me and mom made a corner rail to hold my dresses. I love dresses and I have a shit tone and they look better on display than hanging jeans and shirts on the open rack. also I ran out of shoe space too so I put some of my shows underneath to make use of the space.
So remember when judging this broke college students apartment! It's not finished! I have to make the money to buy 6 sets of curtains for this place along with finishing the kitchen. Oh and I need to put art up in the place but that requires my mom to get better from her pneumonia first to even think about holding a paint brush again. No pressure there mom...NOT.

So yeah I hope you like my new bright apartment even though it still needs a little work. Love it!

Broke college student
When your in college you clearly aren't living with your parents anymore, if you are then you might as well be in high school...good luck with your life...
Being in college means becoming independent, and handling your own shit. And once you move out of your first dorm room you better have a plan ready.
From personal experience, you better start looking for roommates and a place to live in like February if your planning on having a home in the fall in a college town. It may seem early but trust me it's not, houses get leased here quicker than I can finish a piece of cobbler (I like cobbler, sue me).
When moving into your first apartment or house you have to find furniture, thrift storse have cheap furniture that you can fill up to make pretty if your broke like me. If your not broke then your mommy and daddy can take your spoiled butt to buy IKEA furniture that will fall apart in 2 years.
Also set up your cable, Internet, power, and water bill a month to 2 weeks before moving into your new place, there are hundreds of other kids moving on the same day you are and they all have to have that shit set up to, and you don't want to be like me and go 2 weeks in your new place without cable or Internet. It sucks!!!!!
Plan to rent uhaul or budget moving truck in advance, it's so much easier on your parents trust me, and if your lucky maybe your parents will pay for that for you. Also have a group of guy friends ready to help you move, if your a girl I will pay to watch you try to move a couch with your mom up 3 flights of ain't happening...and as a form of payment, buy a dirty thirty (a thirty pack of natty light) and 3 little caesars pizzas and the guys shouldn't complain one bit, it's beer and pizza HELLO!!!
Before you start moving your stuff in the new house or apartment, take pictures of every inch of the place!!! DO IT! It will be good evidence if your landlord try's to not give you your deposit back.
Don't expect to have everything in your place set up on the first day, you will be tired half way through the day and want to go out to eat or to target to get last minute things so don't panic if it's not perfect one day 1. It's fun to take your time when adding little decoratings, dont go bankrupt trying to get everything at once. So take your time and when you have a little extra cash go get that vase you've been wanting from hobby lobby or that beautiful stoneware that you loved a month ago, when you wait for it and finally get it you will be proud of yourself and excited to being a little closer to finishing up your apartment.
Remember: Moving day is a very stressful day on everyone, it's hot and sticky (usually in July or August), everyone is tired of lifting heavy things, and moving day generally puts everyone in a bad mood, it's a fact of life. I'll admit I cried about 3 times on moving day due to the fact the AT&T guy didn't show up, an antique mirror broke and my beautiful white couch got black stains on it from squeezing it through the door. The beer also helps with this...just thought you should know.

So yeah that's my personal experience with moving day for the college folks. I'll post pictures of my new apartment after next Thursday because that's when I get my Internet and cable set luck.

Good luck with move in day and try to keep your sanity!
sorry i couldnt think of a witty creative name for this sandwhich.

Being a broke college student I practically live life off of peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches. Growing up I hated those, and even to this day I still hate them, but they are cheap and I am broke which kinda go hand in hand together. After rent and bills are paid I can afford to go out and buy some bananas and capri suns or some other cheap things other than peanut butter, jelly, or bread. It is on a special occasion that I actually go for the creamy, rich, deliciousness that is named Nutella. One of my loves. While at my mothers house the other day I snuck the Nutella into the buggie and my addiction has come back. Only one of my friends, Katrina, can fully understand this
addiction since shes seen it first hand.

While my mother stupidly left me alone in her house, she left her hoard of nutella in the pantry. Thus my experimenting

Heres my little rant of the thoughts in my head while making this experiment
 I wanted to make something with nutella in it. And I was also craving a sandwhich. But i needed something to go with the bread and nutella. Thats when i remembered my mother scooping out nutella and peanut butter in the same spoon and saying it was delicious. And hey lets just throw a banana in the mix, who doesnt love a good source of potassium! And maybe grille it to make it a little crispy and fancy looking? PERFECT! Heres my awesome sandwhich!

heres what your going to need (almost every american household should have these ingredients)
  • half a banana
  • bread
  • peanut butter (smoothe)
  • Nutella
  • spreadable butter (gotta paula deen it up!)
Spread Nutella on one side and Peanut Butter on the other side. Slice the banana and put it on in one layer.
Spead butter on the outside and grill it up to goldeny brown perfection
Serve it up! Looks so delicious!
This is a quick and easy sandwhich and i hope you love it!!

Broke College Student